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Wireless GSM & GPS data collection & alarms


The Hastel SmartGuard is a cost effective fuel tank level monitor and alarm for heating oil and diesel storage tanks. The technology is an offshoot of our professional range of probes and developed as a defense against the rising level of fuel theft. Smartguard allows us to offer a combined fuel tank monitor and fuel tank theft alarm to heating oil users.

The SmartGuard is designed, built and supported in the UK to ensure quality.

Should a tanks fuel level fall because of theft or a bad leak the unit sends an alarm text message to the tank owner. At the same time data is sent to the internet and alarms are emailed to further recipients.

The tanks daily readings are also transmitted to the internet periodically, so that graphs of usage and a degree day estimated of run out date can be viewed, allowing for more fuel to be ordered in time. Even if you forget to view the data, an automatic email is sent to let you know your getting low.

By experimenting with ‘a virtual’ thermostat online you can instantly see the effect of turning it up or down a few degrees on your heating oil consumption.


User defined parameters

  • Phone number
  • Email addresses
  • Dwelling type


  • Low profile, easily fits inside bunded tanks.
  • Fits existing monitor mounting points.
  • Tanks up to 3 meters tall.
  • GSM based wireless operation.
  • Theft alarm.
  • Energy usage monitor online.
  • Very simple fitting.


What makes SmartGuard special?

Its simple, the probe is immersed in the oil and can detect tiny changes. Non contact methods of measurement are prone to false alarms and are not accurate. We would not compromise and worked at making our industrial sensor suitable for the mass market.

How often is the level transmitted?

The level is read at very short periods to detect theft, but is logged daily.

How does it know my heating oil has been stolen?

Normal fuel usage makes the tank level drop very slowly even in winter. This makes even small thefts easy to spot with a sensitive device like SmartGuard.