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Wireless Sensors & Measurement


The concept is simple. Everyone has a phone so why not use it as a key? With no need for entry cards, or for expensive remote controls given to workers or relatives, the Hastel MobiKey is the easiest – and probably the cheapest – long term gate and door access system on the market.

DIN Rail mounting, this industrial quad band GSM device can analyse a mobile phone’s CLID (calling Line ID) and allow or deny access based upon it. Simple to use, each mobile number registered within the unit’s memory (up to 4000 numbers) becomes a key. As the call is not answered there is no cost to the individual(s) using the system.

Hastel’s Windows-based software provides remote management of multiple sites for heavy users or, for home/light use, the system can be configured from a mobile phone.


  • Quad band 850/900/1800/1900
  • 12V DC
  • DIN rails to DIN EN 50 022
  • Polycarb enclosure to UL 94 V.0

User defined parameters

  • Add User
  • Remove User
  • Welcome Message
  • Length of relay pulse


  • Setup sites and SIMs
  • Add/Remove numbers
  • Log access and users 24/7


  • Access programmable via SMS from PC or mobile phone
  • Standard SIM
  • Quad band GSM
  • Relay output
  • Adjustable timer for relay
  • Override input for exit
  • Incoming number echoed out on serial port for data logging
  • Welcome message sent to user when first added, to tell them which number to call for access / gate opening
  • Software available for logging
  • DIN rail mounted
  • Internal/external antenna
  • CD Windows based software
  • OTAP remote provisioning


What is the number of CLIDs?

The device has 1MB of memory, allowing typically 4,000 numbers to be stored.

What can we interface with, and is a PC required?

The Hastel MobiKey has in-built memory and therefore a PC is not required for operation. However if you have to administer many sites and numbers then a PC is advised to simplify the procedure. If you wish to log access events then a PC running suitable software may be connected to the serial port.