How does a SmartGuard device work?

Smart Guard sends a regular signal to us with all your data. We then translate this information and publish in a clear and concise format.

What makes SmartGuard special?

It’s simple, the probe is immersed in the oil and can detect tiny changes. Non-contact methods of measurement are prone to false alarms and are not accurate. We would not compromise and worked at making our industrial sensor suitable for the mass market.

What model SmartGuard do I need to order?

For static oil tanks we recommend the SG6W-XX (XX denotes the tank height) For Generators and mobile oil tanks we recommend the SG4P-XX (XX denotes the tank height)

Is the SmartGuard device easy to install?

Yes. Most plastic tanks have an industry standard mounting point which the Smart Guard has been designed to fit. If you have a steel tank you may need to drill a small hole in the top, full installation instructions will be sent with the Smart Guard.

What type of tank can I install my SmartGuard Device on?

Our devices are suitable for Steel, plastic, single skin, or bunded tanks for the storage of diesel fuel, kerosene and gas oil types A2, C1, C2 and D as defined by BS 2869, biodiesel grades up to B5 produced in accordance with EN14214 and AddBlu

Check with the manufacturer and/or supplier before using with any other fluids. Ensure that all local guidelines are adhered to before fitting the unit to any tank

What size of hole should I drill on the top of my tank for the SmartGuard Device?

A 25mm hole-saw should be used to create the hole.

When measuring the height of the tank, do I need to include the base?

Yes, measure the height from the bottom of the tank to the top of the tank.

I have a bunded tank do I install my SmartGuard Device on the inner or outer tank?

You must install it to the inner tank making sure to follow the installation instructions.

Do you offer an installation Service?

Yes, we can arrange for installer to attend, please contact the sales team for pricing.

How can I view my tank readings?

Your levels can be viewed on the following devices: desktop computer, iPhone, iPad, tablet and Android smartphone with the SmartGuard mobile app

My battery level indicator has alerted me that my battery level is low, what do I do?

You can purchase a replacement battery/gasket kit from our website; www.hastel.co.uk

What is the warranty period?

Our product comes with 24 months warranty from date of purchase. Please read our warranty information sheet for terms and conditions

Can I buy extended warranty?

Yes, an extended warranty can be purchased for an additional 24 months.

How will I know when my 12 month’s subscription has finished?

You will be sent e-mail reminder 30 days before your subscription has ended. This will detail how to renew your subscription. All communication of your levels will stop as soon as the subscription runs out.

How much is the Subscription?

The subscription is £30 per year paid in advance.

What happens if I do not renew my subscription?

You will no longer be able to use the device, please contact customer services to re-activate the device.