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Wireless GSM & GPS data collection & alarms


The Hastel MultiCOM provides a GSM based wireless solution for relaying collected data from our wireless sensors.

Replacing wires, conduit and trenching the Multicom quietly collects data from any of our wireless sensors. Periodically the data is analysed and alarms may be immediately triggered if required. Otherwise the tabulated data is sent as a email attachment for importing into your application or transmitted by GPRS (mobile internet) to a server.

The MultiCOM is more than just a logger. For more demanding applications directly wired inputs and outputs may be employed and integrated into your host equipment. Bespoke development is available for sophisticated custom projects.

When combined with WiCOM-AMR it forms the heart of an Automated Meter Reading or Automated Monitoring and Targeting network.


  • Radio Receiver
    • High sensitivity
    • 16 channels
    • 2.405 GHz to 2.480 GHz
  • GSM
    • Quad Band
    • Standard SIM
    • SMS, 2G & EDGE
  • Unit
    • Aluminium or plastic enclosures (plastic is IP67)
    • Wall mounting
    • LED indicators for power, GSM and Radio
    • Power is 12V to 24V DC
    • SMA connectors for GSM & 2.4

User defined parameters

  • Sample intervals
  • Transmission intervals
  • Alarm points
  • Data destination(s)


  • Collects data from all our radio equipped sensors (max. 64)
  • Options for up to 8 volt free inputs and up to 4 analogue inputs directly connected
  • Option for 2 relay outputs
  • Optional battery backup
  • Sends logged data and alarms via SMS, GPRS and email
  • Data sent to you or our application servers
  • Mobile position sent (via proximity to phone mast) for approximate location finding (UK only)


Whats the shortest sample period?

Typically once every five minutes