Theft from Fuel Tankers

Fuel Tanker Contents Monitoring

Fuel theft from road tankers has risen dramatically with the increases in fuel prices.

By monitoring the tankers compartments (and even the tractor units own fuel tank) illicit deliveries, cocktailing (mixing the fuel with a cheaper type) or siphoning can all be detected and reported in real time to employers.

Tracking data shows the timing and locations of deliveries or thefts, and unauthorised personal usage of the vehicle can be curtailed by close monitoring.
By using our MultiCOM-GPS with our ATEX approved WICOMM-Probes a clear and accurate picture of the fuel stock levels and location becomes available at any time, with a full history to enable you to view the data in any way you wish.

Hastel Internet Portal or a Windows™ based packages allow for real time alarms to be relayed to phones and email, routes may be shown on detailed maps and delivery points overlaid. Maximum speeds, time at rest etc all all available if required.