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Featured Products

SmartGuard the latest and best fuel tank level monitor and fuel tank alarm on the market. Developed from our professional series this low cost fully featured system packs a lot of features into a small package................ read more


MultiCOM-GPS - a GPS enabled wireless data logger and alarm system in use on road tankers, trains and mobile generators......................... read more


The GCOM-3D is a low cost solution for control, monitoring, logging and alarm notification via GSM, SMS and GPRS......................... .read more


Hastel (Hastings Telematics) is a leading designer and manufacturer of wireless remote monitoring and control equipment.

Working closely with clients and end users we provide integrated monitoring and control solutions and bespoke hardware for new projects.

Our innovative products are used in fuel level monitoring, energy metering, signage and building control.

Our equipment is in use by councils, military and emergency services, governments, fuel suppliers, AM&T providers and numerous other industries.

Our range of radio enabled wireless products include gauges, sensors, radio transmitters, PSTN telephone, GSM modems, GPS location, simple alarm devices, data loggers and multi function controllers which are designed to be integrated together if required.


After a brief shut down while we assesed the situation we have now resumed production while maintaining compliance with the UK Government's requirements for social distancing.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.