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Wireless Sensors & Measurement


WiCOM-AMR provides a reliable, long range wireless solution for metering, AMT, and MMT applications.

Already successfully integrated into client applications, the WiCOM offers companies and OEMs a cost effective means to wirelessly enable and retrofit energy meters for Automated Monitoring and Targeting applications.


  • 16 channels
  • 2.405 GHz to 2.480 GHz
  • 9.6V battery pack
  • 5 years battery life (average transmission interval)

User defined parameters

  • Transmission interval (factory set on user request)


  • No loss of precision at 3Hz or lower
  • Communicates with all our radio enabled equipment
  • Long range (up to 4 kilometers line of sight)
  • Licence free operation on 2.4GHz (802.15.4 LR-WPAN) - see FAQ below


How often is the count transmitted?

Typically once every five minutes

How do we know if a transmission is lost due to interference?

Data cannot be lost. The transmission is a cumulative number of great size. The transmissions are indexed so that missing packets can be noted, but the actual energy usage is still known - its just that the interval has become larger.

Doesn't WiFi interfere with your device?

The short answer is no! The longer answer is that it is designed to co-exist. Both WiFi and the CSMA-CA scheme used on 802.15.4 look for clear spaces to transmit into and therefore avoid 'collisions'.

Can the transmissions be seen or hacked?

No, the channels are different from WiFi and can't be snooped on by domestic equipment. In addition the very short bursts would be hard to capture and finally 128bit encryption may be employed.

The range seems long compared to my network at home, why?

The performance of the 802.15.4 transmission is between 7 and 18 dB better than that of 802.11b. This can be directly translated to a range increase from 2 to 8 times the distance for the same energy per bit, or an exponential increase in reliability at any given range. We also use the highest permissable levels of power.