Remote 4 to 20mA sensor

Remote 4 to 20mA Sensor Measurement

There are occasions when the cost or time scale of cable laying becomes prohibitive.

The WiCOM-4-2-20 is an industrial wireless 4 to 20mA transmission system, providing a simple yet effective solution to relaying an analogue signal without the need to lay cables. Using a licence free frequency a standard 4 to 20 mA sensor may be linked into a PLC or other host. With perfect emulation it integrates without the need to add unique code. Should the radio fail in some way this is flagged to the PLC.

Sample rates depend on the power source. With our standard battery and a sample rate of once in 5 minutes a 5 year battery life may be expected. With mains power it may be increased to many times a second.

With an IP67 transmitter and a choice of IP67 or vertical DIN rail receiver its a fit and forget device. Good radio range (up to 4KM) is ensured and can be boosted by directional antennas or repeaters.

WiCOM-Probe and WiCOM-Fuel can now be paired with WiCOM4-2-20 to integrate wireless fuel tank measurement with existing 4 to 20mA systems.