Remote Control

Remote Generator Monitoring

Hastel offers two ways to remote control or switch devices. These can be used in conjunction for highly flexible arrangements.

Wirelessly via 2.4 GHz radio. Our unique wireless nodes switch on / off or pulse on command from our smartwsitch controller. The controller can be a ruggedized battery operated handset or a gateway connected to a PC for complex arrangements.

These nodes network so that no realistic distance is too great from the handset and the communications are very robust. This network of switches also report their status so that communication breaks or failures can be seen remotely. Flexible enough to be used in anything from a simple garage door opener to a full street light management system Smartswitch may just be what your looking for.

Wirelessly via GSM. Our GCOM-3D controller may switch up to 4 outputs via SMS (text messaging). In addition our wireless ‘nodes’ may be interfaced so that local networks of switches may be controlled, from anywhere in the world by SMS, or in response to local conditions or even to pre planned schedule.