Fuel Monitoring

Fuel Level Monitoring System

Hastel provides three levels of telemetry for wireless fuel tank monitoring.

Domestic: With contemporary styling and mains power our simple remote gauge allows you to see how much fuel you left without lifting covers or going out into poor weather etc.
Fitted in minutes the battery powered wireless transmitter constantly monitors your fuel level and transmits it from the tank back to your home. in 1% steps. When a low level alarm is triggered a chirping sound and a flashing red screen begin.

Industrial: Fuel or oil storage tanks are enabled to wirelessly transmit their stock levels either to our website or locally via 2.4GHz to software running on a PC. Our PC software allows for instant graphical representation of all your stock and highly detailed historical data on filling / decanting of stock to track usage and detect problems.

Supplier: Having detailed knowledge of your customers fuel levels will contribute to more efficient delivery routing and eliminate runouts. Where significant ullage exists marketing opportunities or offsite stock storage become available to you. As a side effect with less miles travelled your business carbon footprint is reduced and money saved. Our GCOM-R is the ideal way to simply add telemetry to your exiting tanks. With no need to gain access beyond the tank and a fitting time of just a few minutes, and a long battery life overall cost of ownership is low.